Friday, 23 September 2011

Happy Friday!

Sorry for the random photo on this post!

Today has been a happy Friday for me so far because....
1. The sun is shining
2. I passed my driving theory test this morning- Hooray!!
3. My veg box arrived today.  Is it really sad to get excited about vegetables??!! I have to get looking for recipes...mmm so much potential!
4. My friend is coming round for coffee this afternoon
5. Leo is having a nice long lunchtime nap.....

Hope that you're having a happy Friday too and enjoy your weekend!


  1. Congragulations on passing your theory test. Well done!
    I love the hearts. i love a random post too.Mine are always a bit random!
    I used to go with my friends every week to get the veg box and it was always a bit of an occasion. You never knew what you might get. You¨ll be very healthy

  2. Congrats on your test!
    I'm giving exams today and I'm pretty stressed.Your Friday was wonderful!I hope your weekend will be too!

  3. Veggie Box best idea ever -and so healthy. Hope you find some good recipes

  4. Thanks for your lovely comments everyone! I love reading them xx

  5. Thank you Kate for visiting my blog,your kind wishes and the nice comments!!!

  6. Congratulations on passing your theory test! Well done you!

    Yes, I too get very excited about vegetables. When we lived in Normandy we used to get a basket directly from the organic farm. You wouldn't believe the number of slugs, catapillars, and tiny insects we used to get with the vegetables though! Good teaching device for the children. ;-)


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