Sunday, 30 December 2012

A post Christmas hello

Hello. I've been a v absent blogger of late. My babies have still been ill with coughs and colds and poor Leo has had a nasty ear infection too. Hopefully we're over the worst now. Such a shame as we've missed doing lots of Christmassy things and have been stuck at home.
We've had fun times too though. My baking has been up and down!! Made some gingerbread star biscuits that were like rocks! My Christmas pudding turned out ok and Max is still ploughing through it! Christmas cake was alright for my first attempt but a bit wet inside. I'm thinking of a small square cake for next year!
We've had some lovely family get togethers, attended a village drinks party and had some nice cosy evenings at home with candles, mulled wine and treats.
Hope that you've had a lovely time over the festive period :)

Saturday, 8 December 2012

A little hello

Not been in blogland as have been looking after all my boys!
Leo had a chest infection, Oscar had croup and Max a terrible cold. They are starting to get better thankfully but it's hard work looking after them!
We put up our Christmas tree today!