Friday, 22 February 2013

Hello- I'm still here!

Here's a little list of what I've been up to recently!
1. Leo had a v long overdue hair cut and then celebrated with a babychino at Costa.
2. Oscar is doing v well with eating and is almost sitting by himself.
3. I've been v busy making crochet owls and selling them! As a result of this I have not had time for much else!
4. I've been having plenty of cuddles with these gorgeous boys.
5. I did a teeny bit of gardening and have some primroses in my window boxes. They are v cheery.
6. I went out for a meal with my lovely husband last week to our favourite restaurant. I love David Banns.
7. I have been doing lots of wheeling and dealing on the pottery front! Loving my dressers just now.
8. Yesterday my husband bought me some lilies and a box of chocolates! Wow!
9. I'm having tea with my mummy and big sister tonight and having lunch with them tomorrow. Can't wait.
10. If its a nice day tomorrow I'm hoping we can have a family walk in the park.

Thanks for reading and hope you have a happy weekend! Xxxxxx