Friday, 23 September 2011

Happy Friday!

Sorry for the random photo on this post!

Today has been a happy Friday for me so far because....
1. The sun is shining
2. I passed my driving theory test this morning- Hooray!!
3. My veg box arrived today.  Is it really sad to get excited about vegetables??!! I have to get looking for recipes...mmm so much potential!
4. My friend is coming round for coffee this afternoon
5. Leo is having a nice long lunchtime nap.....

Hope that you're having a happy Friday too and enjoy your weekend!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

A busy old week....

It's been pretty busy round here of late.  Max is back at uni now and I started a new job at the beginning of last week.  We also had a bit of a fright with Leo and had to have a late night hospital visit with a high temperature.  Luckily Leo is fine now though and as cheeky as ever!

Max has gone into his final year of uni and suddenly there seems to be loads of work to do....his dissertation, film scripts, production files, storyboards, test shoots etc etc.  He's also helping with looking after Leo when I'm working so its a bit of a juggling act at the moment.

I have left my job in the nursery and now work as a part time nanny for a family that I have known for a few years.  I pick the little boy up from school three afternoons a week and on one of the days I collect his little sister from nursery too.  The first week went ok.  On Monday we went to the museum which was great, on Wednesday we went to a pottery painting place which was also fab and then all went well on Thursday until a major tantrum at the park on the way home....its better than being stuck in the nursery though!  While I'm working Leo is with my mum or Max and because I only work in the afternoons we still get to go to our playgroups together in the mornings.

Off to study for my driving theory test's on Friday so I can't put it off any longer....eeeeeek!!!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

This and that...

Hope you all had a nice weekend. I made some yummy earl grey tea cupcakes....

...bought some bulbs for the garden.  Oh I love love love spring bulbs!

We even had some time to play in the garden.  Leo is walking now and he loved exploring and peeking through the fence to see the children next door!

Oh and for the lovely Tracy over at Romi and Bob, here is my newly painted table!

I want to do my dresser next but can't quite decide what to do and painting is also quite difficult with my little monkey about!  I was thinking of painting it green or cream and using some Cath Kidston paper on it too but I'm not sure.  I really want some fairy lights for it though!

Any ideas welcome!!

Friday, 2 September 2011

On my table...

On my table this week there have been some different meals!  This is thanks to our new vegetable box that will be delivered fortnightly from a local farm shop.  I'm hoping that it will make me more adventurous with my cooking.  The first box did not disappoint and was packed with beetroot, a marrow, broad beans, chard, salad, as well as potatoes, carrots and onions.  It was very exciting to look through what we'd been sent and get looking for recipes!

Tonight we had couscous salad with goats cheese on toast. Yum!

We also tried bright pink creamy beetroot risotto.  Even Leo liked it!

And we also had a stuffed marrow bake but we're still not sure if we actually like marrow!

In other news, Leo has had such fun today playing with a lemon....

...and some tub trugs! Who needs expensive toys?!

Hope that you all have a lovely weekend xxx