Tuesday, 6 September 2011

This and that...

Hope you all had a nice weekend. I made some yummy earl grey tea cupcakes....

...bought some bulbs for the garden.  Oh I love love love spring bulbs!

We even had some time to play in the garden.  Leo is walking now and he loved exploring and peeking through the fence to see the children next door!

Oh and for the lovely Tracy over at Romi and Bob, here is my newly painted table!

I want to do my dresser next but can't quite decide what to do and painting is also quite difficult with my little monkey about!  I was thinking of painting it green or cream and using some Cath Kidston paper on it too but I'm not sure.  I really want some fairy lights for it though!

Any ideas welcome!!


  1. The table looks gorgeous!I'm thinking...tea and those lovely cupcakes on it!!!

  2. I love tea-flavoured cakes. Have you every made any matcha (powdered green tea) cakes?

    That dresser has potential. Maybe green and cream would be good? I'm pretty sure it will look great whichever colour you choose.

    See you soon,


  3. Oh my goodness. Your dresser is gorgeous and I love your crockery. Fairylights sounds great. Maybe green and cream? Or am I mad? Wallpaper would be cool. My friend Kitty on flickr did hers with Cath paper and it looks ace. I will try to find the pic.
    Your little one is beautiful. Lovely hair and angel face.
    The cakes look yum. xxx

  4. Gorgeous table too, I forgot to say in my excitement! I love it. You have a lovely home style. xxx

  5. You could do cream with green handles? Earl Grey cupcakes sound lovely - how do you make them?

    Pomona x


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