Friday, 14 October 2011

1 Year in our little house!

I'm back! Not been on here for a little while as I've been working some extra hours and also there is a certain little person who has been up to lots of mischief too!

Here is Max and Leo outside our house last year not long after we moved in!  I can't believe that a year has flown by so quickly.  We love our little home and its so good having a driveway and little garden after living in a little 1 bed flat in the city centre.  We've had lots of happy times here and it's just perfect for Leo.  He is into everything at the moment!  We are trying to lock cupboards, put up extra gates etc to stop him getting into too much trouble!  He's also been climbing out of his cot so he's now sleeping in a little toddler bed.  He is growing up so fast!  Sorry the pic is a bit blurry but he can't keep still!

Hope that you have a lovely weekend whatever you are doing!!


  1. Aaw, lovely happy post! I don't have a garden and miss it so much! Leo is such a cutie! Congrats on the change to a big boys bed! Big step. They grow so fast! lotsa love x


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