Friday, 20 May 2011

Vintage Ladybird Bunting

My mum and I have had a few little crafty sessions recently (while Leo having his lunchtime nap).  Yesterday we did some hanging basket planting, had some soup and managed to finish off our bunting!

 I bought this sweet ladybird book on ebay for 99p.  It was a bit bashed about so didn't feel too bad chopping it up!

We're pleased with the final result and managed to get 2 sets of bunting from the one book. Mine has gone in the living room and my mum has put hers under a little shelf in her bedroom.  We have another little birdie project but its not quite finished.  Will post some pics soon.

In other news, my crochet cushion is coming along nicely.  I'm only doing one side and will back it with fabric so it will be finished soon! 

Off to have a quick cup of tea and have a rest while Leo is still napping!  


  1. Hi Love the Ladybird bunting. Liked your yummy Brownies too mmmmm.....You are a Busy Bee !

  2. Beautiful bunting!

  3. aaw love the bunting! what a great idea to use vintage books! I may just have to 'borrow' that idea! thanks!

    lotsa love x

  4. That is a great idea! It looks gorgeous and very coola and stylish too. The cushion is lovely. I wish I could make something like that, you are so clever.


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