Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Finished Projects!

I'm very excited to be able to share some projects that have been completed in the last few days! 

Firstly, some birdies!  These were blank wooden birds purchased from ebay.  My mum and I then painted them with some tester paints in duck egg and yellow.  Mine have silver dots (we used a cork!) and were then strung together with twine to hang up.

My mum wanted hers to hang outside so we gave them a good few coats of varnish and then they were done!
What do you think?!

Next on the list is my round crochet cushion.  I'm very pleased with the result (especially as it's my first crochet project!). Its backed with purple fleece and a green leaf cord fabric on the back.

My last little project was inspired by Wood & Wool Stool (google it!). This is a little old milking stool that my Grandma gave me. Its sage green (not a v good pic).
 And here it is again but wearing a new cosy cover!


  1. love these project Kate, especially the birds! I just may have to pinch this idea too! hehe!

  2. Crafts are a great hobby. And your stool is so pretty!


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