Saturday, 8 September 2012

A bit of a catch up!

If you were wondering what i've been up to these past few months when I've not been blogging here is a little round up!

We decided to start looking for somewhere else to stay. The bills and our rent were a bit of a stretch for us and we didn't like the area too much either even though the house was nice.  We gave notice to our landlord and at first it was v depressing seeing what we could afford.  At one point it looked like we were going to have to move quite a bit out of town (and away from my family) to get somewhere nice enough for our budget.  However, after lots of internet searching I found our dream cottage!  My mum and I went to view it and immediately knew it was the right place.

We got the keys to Gardener's Cottage on the 1st of June and moved in right away.  I also turned 27 the next day but we were in such a muddle it was a non-birthday really.  We love living here so much.  We're in a little village just outside Edinburgh and it feels like a little sanctuary in the countryside without being too far from town or my mum and brother.  The house is just the right size and has a lovely safe garden for Leo to play in.
Max also graduated from his 4 year degree in June.  I'm very proud of him and all his hard work has paid off.  He'll start his masters course in a few weeks time.

My maternity leave from work began on the 8th of July and it really wss such a relief to be finished and be able to spend some time with Leo before baby no2 arrived.  
My dear Grandma passed away in July.  She was an amazing person and such an important part of my life. Here she is with me as a baby!

And of course life for my little family changed completely when baby Oscar joined us on 25th July (6 days past his due date)!

My family think that Oscar is more like me.  Leo is a mini Max!

Leo turned 2!  Don't know how our sweet baby boy has grown so fast.  He is full of fun and a joy to be with!

Think that's enough for now.  Well done if you read the whole post!  Off to wind Oscar and get him to bed.  Fingers crossed for only one waking tonight!

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  1. Such a full period for you, Kate! Let me comment accordingly:
    May: 'kaloriziko', as we wish in Greece when we move/buy a new house! It looks perfect and in a nice area!It's my dream living situation: house in a rular area close enough to a town/city.Yo're lucky you found it!
    June: Happy birthday to you & congrats to Max!
    July: A member of the family leaves...a new member arrives...makes you wonder, doesn't it? Oscar is a delight-sorry for your granny.
    August:Leo has grown up sooo much! I got to have a piece of that cake!!!!!!!!
    Sending you my love,looking forward to your new posting!


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