Friday, 20 January 2012

Hello again

It's me! I'm back.
Thanks you for your lovely comments on my last post. We are very excited about the baby. I'm also v happy that my morning sickness seems to have passed.
I've been able to get back to some crochet in the evenings instead of going to bed before 9pm!!
I'm working on a seashell scarf. It's a lovely mustard colour but the light isn't very good today.
Hope you have a lovely weekend whatever you get up to! Xxxx


  1. I missed your last few posts, for some reason. What lovely news, I am so pleased for you. The sickness is so hard, so it is good that it is passing.
    Your toad in the hole looks yum! I love it. i can¨t make it really here, as you can't buy the right kind of sausages.
    The scarf sounds like it will be gorgeous. xxx

  2. Fab shell pattern-the scarf will be gorgeous!

  3. It's looking good!
    Enjoy the weekend, too!


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