Monday, 7 November 2011

A Great Big Thank You!

I was very very lucky to win my first giveaway!  The lovely Lenia over at Ferns at the Balcony (don't know how to do a link but you can go to my blog list!) sent me some gorgeous mountain tea in a lovely tin that she customised herself.  I love it and it was great to get something from faraway in the post!  She also included a lovely letter and it really made my day.  There are lots of nice people in this world!
We haven't tried the tea yet. Max loves sniffing it and says that we have to keep some in the tin just so that he can smell it!!  We are in the process of sorting something little to Lenia but thank you so much!

Leo is as rascally as ever at the moment but also lots of fun!

I bought him some new wellies too!  Excuse my hand in the pic and the general mess in all my pics!

Hope that you all had a lovely weekend!


  1. Wow Kate! It's so strange seeing my tin on a faraway blog!I can't say how happy you make me that you liked my giveaway so! And don't you worry if you use it all. I can send you some more for drinking or...smelling for that matter! Enjoy!

  2. I was lucky enough to smell the gorgeous mountain tea-mmmmmm-what a beautiful scent it has.

  3. Well done Kate.

    I love Leo's wellies.

  4. Gorgeous giveaway (says the tea lover) and gorgeous baby boy (says the mother). Have a happy week enjoying the two.


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